Need Help with Your Bible Study?

If you’re like me, it is nice to have some coaching when it comes to Bible reading and study. Coaching includes the providing of knowledge of best practices, the practical tools to carry them out, and some passionate encouragement to get it done. I just noticed this morning that Bible Gateway is offering a series of “coaching” type articles that might be helpful, called Scripture Engagement.

Bible Gateway, along with the Taylor University Center for Scripture Engagement, is presenting this series of articles designed to help believers “interact more meaningfully with the Bible.”

Here is one of the definitions they use for Scripture engagement:

A person…Receives the Word of God into his/her mind by reading or listening to the words of the Bible. Reflects the words of the Bible into his/her heart and soul. Applies the truths of the Bible into his/her daily life.

There has never been a goal that seems so easy, and yet can be so difficult to accomplish on a daily basis!

The articles are very short, and usually include a list of practical tips for engaging the Scripture in various ways. Topics include Praying Scripture, Singing Scripture, and Journaling Scripture, among many others. There is even a section on copying Scripture by hand, which can be an effective way of moving God’s Word in the mind and heart.

For those who have never had training in Bible Study Methods, but would like a more serious engagement with Scripture, reading these articles, and practicing the principles articulated, is a really good place to start.

For those who already have your own methods in place, these articles my spark some new ideas that could enhance your current study.