Jonathan Edwards: God’s House and Fearful Sinners

In his sermon Many Mansions (from John 14:2), Jonathan Edwards masterfully confronts sinners who realize they are in danger of facing God’s eternal wrath. He urges them to come to Christ and seek entrance into God’s house. Miserable sinners will never find a greater encouragement than this. I’ve updated Edwards’ words into a more readable form.

This world is filled with many people who fear they may never make it to heaven. These poor sinners are dreadfully concerned about their eternal destiny, overcome with anxiety about the salvation of their souls, trembling at the strong possibility of never gaining entrance into God’s house.

These people are miserable, acutely aware that they are not right with God through Christ. They understand that as of now they have no rightful inheritance in heaven at all. They deserve condemnation, and they are sensible enough to know it. Danger looms before them as they realize their eternal residence may be fixed in hell instead of heaven. Their knowledge of these facts makes their situation even more horrifying!

If you are one of these people, trembling in such a fearful condition, then I want to speak with you now. Let me encourage you on the basis of what you have learned. Seek after heaven with all your heart! Remember, there are many mansions there, so there is room enough for you.

Yes, your sins are great and your circumstances are bleak, but heaven has plenty of provisions for you. Christ is there! If you come to him, you never need to be afraid. He will prepare a place just for you, and he will make sure you are well accommodated in his Father’s house.