ISIS, Immigration, and the Glory of God

It has been remarkable watching how Christians are responding to terror in Paris and the immigration crisis. Of course, there have been thousands of rant posts of FB that lack substance and thought (representing many different positions). These are nothing but social media noise, a smokescreen that chokes careful thought and analysis. Emotion-based rants help nobody.

I have been very impressed, however, with the number of articles and posts that have been tremendously helpful for the Christian community and the wider world. Christianity is the only truth, and I’m grateful we have people who represent the truth well.

Here is a random list of the most helpful articles and posts I have found related to the crisis. My hope is that these get most of the publicity and influence the majority of Christians — all for the glory of God. As Ravi Zacharias says, “Let my people think.”

A Call for Christian Extremists – Tim Challies

Should We Pray For ISIS to Be Defeated or Converted? – Russell Moore

Stop pitting security and compassion against each other in the Syrian refugee crisis – Russell Moore

Should We Pray for ISIS to Be Saved or Destroyed? – John Piper

France: A Fabric Torn – John Piper

What Do You Tell Your Kids About ISIS? – Erik Raymond

Should we really close the border to refugees? Here’s why fear drives out compassion. – Trevin Wax

On Welcoming Refugees, Evangelicals Are All Over the Place – Trevin Wax

What ISIS Really Wants – Graeme Wood

Immigration Policy Must be Based on More than an Appeal to Compassion – Kevin DeYoung

We Are All Parisians Now: A Christian Response to Global Terror and Radical Islam – Ed Stetzer

Is Paris Burning? – Ravi Zacharias (This is REALLY good)

Why Does God Allow the Wicked to Commit Evil? – Mark Altrogge

9 Things You Should Know About Islamic State – Joe Carter

Eight Words from Jesus in a World with Refugees – D. Glenn

John Piper: 20 Principles for How Christians Should Relate to Muslims (And Those of Other Religions) – Justin Taylor

Some provisional reflections on the refugee situation – Denny Burk

Biblical ethics, government, and refugees – Jesse Johnson

This are plenty of other good ones out there. If I missed one you think should be in the list, be sure to add it in the comments section.

BOTTOM LINE: Let’s think and pray very carefully so that we respond to this crisis in ways that bring glory to God in a world that needs truth so badly.