Many Mansions, Glorious Grace, and Christian Knowledge

Jonathan Edwards’ sermons and writings are beloved by the church, yet very few Christians actually read him. Why?

Because he is difficult to read. He used long, tangled sentences that very few contemporary readers can abide.

This is why three of his classic sermons (Many Mansions, Glorious Grace, and Christian Knowledge) have been updated for today’s readers. This new volume is now available at amazon (print or Kindle).

Quotes from Many Mansions

“Here in this world, our public houses of worship often fill up very quickly. Sometimes we must endure overcrowding, people stuffed together. Our buildings can feel tight, small, uncomfortable, and inconvenient. But it is never like this in our heavenly Father’s house. There is always extra space in his heavenly temple.”

“You would be utterly foolish to neglect seeking a place in heaven. Seeing that there are plenty of mansions there for us all, why would you turn away from this honor? Rather than seeking such a wonderful place, far too many people turn their minds to the worthless and fading pursuits of this world.”

“Your current earthly home might be convenient, roomy, and just perfect for you. But it is not a permanent mansion, but rather a temporary tent that must soon be taken down. It is merely a lodge in a garden of cucumbers. Your stay on this earth is really just for a night. Even your body is a mere house of clay that will soon decompose, pathetically rotting away. Your body will inhabit only one other place on this earth—your grave.”

“The circumstances of the dying enable them to see things as they actually are. They are better able than the healthy (like most of us) to judge what is most important, because they stand, as it were, between two worlds.”

Quotes from Glorious Grace

“At one time among heathen peoples, it was believed that the sacrifice of an only son was the greatest gift that could be offered to the gods. They would sometimes do this during periods of great distress. Even to this day, there are some people who continue to perform this type of sacrifice, and in some places in the world, it happens constantly. But something even stranger than that has been declared to us in the gospel—not that men have sacrificed their only sons to God, but that God gave his only Son to be slain as a sacrifice for men.”

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“Oh, what a vast difference between a poor, miserable sinner and a saint clothed in a bright, shining robe of glory. The sinner is full of his sin and condemned to the fires of hell, while the saint wears a crown of victory and triumph. God’s grace is so glorious that these two descriptions, as utterly different as they are, can be speaking about the same man. That is, he begins his life as a condemned sinner, but later God’s grace arrays him in robes of glory. He moves from an extremely precarious state of damnation, but then transforms into a state of eternal joy and bliss. No wonder we call God’s grace glorious!”

“Oh, we are miserable creatures! We think the gift God has offered in the gospel is not great enough for us, when in reality, we are the ones that deserve nothing good at all! Because of our sin, we deserve God’s mercy less than the least of all. We don’t deserve the smallest crumb of bread, the least drop of water, or the tiniest ray of light, much less the dying Son of God!”

Quotes from Christian Knowledge

“People, then, cannot say anything like this: ‘We are merely common people. Let us leave all the Bible study to the ministers and theologians. They are the specialists, so they can debate and argue about all these things that do not concern me.’ Nobody should say this! Obtaining divine knowledge is of infinite importance to every person!”

“If God calls some to be teachers, then he also calls others to be learners. Teachers and learners naturally correlate in this way. They must go together. Just as teachers have the duty of teaching, learners have the duty to learn. It doesn’t make sense for God to require hard work and preparation on the part of teachers, but not require the listeners to learn. The learners are called to labor in their learning just as teachers are called to labor in their teaching.”

“Regularly purchase excellent books, realizing that it is worth the little expense. Obtain as many as you can, and use them as often as you can.”

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