No More Church Tribes

The goal of a Christian at church should be to “make disciples,” not make friends. If, while making a disciple, you happen to also make a friend, then what a beautiful by-product. It seems to me that reversing these has created a great deal of distraction from God’s clear directives for his church and quite a bit of unnecessary tension. #nomorechurchtribes

If you use social media with even the slightest motive of hurting another person, this is called blatant sin. If you ever post a pic of you and your friends at some fun event, and your motive in posting is to make the uninvited feel jealous, you are in sin. This is true even if your motives are mixed. That is, even if your main reason for posting is to have a record of your fun event or share it with your parents or whatever, and yet underneath that motive you feel satisfaction that certain people will see this post and feel left out, you are in sin. You are splintering the Body of Christ. It’s better not to post. #nomorechurchtribes

If you ever click “like” or withhold from clicking “like” as a way of declaring your allegiance to a certain tribe, you are in sin. You are guilty of splintering the Body of Christ. #nomorechurchtribes

If you are overly-sensitive about being “left out” of a tribe at your church and this constantly hurts your feelings to the point that you are ineffective in ministry, your focus is too low. Focus your mind, heart, and life activities on the glory of God and the gospel. Then what other people do or don’t do will bother you much less. If you can grow more stable and secure in Christ, you will actually be able to reach out in love to those who previously left you out and help them grow as disciples. You will not need them, therefore you can help them. #nomorechurchtribes

If you feel that you are not being treated well enough at church, your focus is on the wrong thing. When you can reach out and serve others without expecting good treatment in return, then you can be assured that you are growing in Christ. #nomorechurchtribes

Christ calls and enables us to love God supremely and then to love others as much as we love ourselves. However, far too often at church the order is as follows: (1) People must love me unconditionally and treat me with utmost concern and respect. (2) If they do, I will love some of them back at least part of the time. (3) Who is Christ? #nomorechurchtribes

The call to Christians to “make disciples” of other people is a clear directive that should stop you from gossiping, enable you to reach out to people much different than yourself, and keep you from being sensitive to mistreatment from others (in fact, you should hardly notice when it happens). #nomorechurchtribes

Jesus died in order to make disciples. What are you doing to make disciples? #nomorechurchtribes

Having a strong circle of friends is not the goal of the Christian life. Many people seem to think they have arrived as a Christian if they have finally been included in a popular group, as if this is the primary purpose of the church. Having friends is a happy and likely by-product of making disciples, but is most certainly not the main goal. #nomorechurchtribes

The more mature the believer the less likely they are to stir up jealously and strife within the church, and the less likely they are to be stirred up to jealousy and strife by others. #nomorechurchtribes

Making one true disciple who loves and follows Jesus is more important and meaningful than having twenty-five besties. #nomorechurchtribes

Jesus spent a lot of time with twelve men. His goal was to make disciples, not friends. His group may have looked like a tribe or clique, but it wasn’t. It was training and preparation to serve the world for the glory of God. #nomorechurchtribes

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