How to Pray for Your Children

Earlier today I spent time praying for my kids. As I got into naming them before the Lord and asking God to meet various needs in their lives, I immediately noticed that I had not prayed for them deeply in awhile. Sure, I always mention them to the Lord, but I don’t always pray for them deeply and from the heart.

Every Christian parent probably feels the same.

Gregory Harris recently posted an article called Praying for Your Children. He says,

“Part of my answer to those who asked me about raising our children would be that we repeatedly prayed for them and tried to raise them as God would have us do, especially as shown in Scripture.”

Harris then provides a helpful and thorough list of ways to pray for our children. It is far too long to pray specifically every day, but it can be used as a tool for parents to refresh their minds and hearts regarding how to pray for their kids.

Another suggestion: Seven Things to Pray for Your Children by Jon Bloom at the Desiring God blog.


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