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Jonathan Edwards’ sermons and writings are beloved by the church, yet very few Christians actually read him. Why? Because he is difficult to read. He used long, tangled sentences that very few contemporary readers can abide. This is why three of his classic sermons (Many Mansions, Glorious Grace, and Christian Knowledge) have been updated for today’s readers. This new volume is now available at amazon.

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Drowning Swine: How Christ Defeats Darkness, Demons, and Death: What does a herd of drowning pigs have to do with you? More than you might think. It was a clash for the ages when the Son of God confronted a horde of wild demons named Legion. The end result proves that with Christ every power of darkness can be defeated.

Though few Christians would put Mark 5:1-20 on their list of favorite biblical passages, nonetheless, it is filled with mystery, intrigue, and many lessons about the power and glory of Jesus Christ over the demonic forces of evil and darkness that prey on this world. Do you struggle with dark behaviors like lust, greed, and anger? Whether you study alone or with a group, Drowning Swine will point you to the Word of God for solutions that really work.

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This book has also been published under the title The Dramatic Fall of a Demon Named Legion.

The End for Which God Created the World: Updated to Modern English – Jonathan Edwards’ classic work updated for modern readers. The low price and accessibility of this book makes it a very good choice, especially for those new to Edwards. Click the cover for a peak inside.

“Jason Dollar has done an excellent job in making available to the church one of the most important of Edwards’ works in accessible modern prose. It is my hope and prayer that this book not only introduces readers to Edwards, but more so to the Christ that Edwards sought to exalt. Soli Deo Gloria!”

– Dr. Steven B. Cowan, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religion, Lincoln Memorial University, Author of The Love of Wisdom: A Christian Introduction to Philosophy.

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Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God is the best known work of Jonathan Edwards, preeminent pastor and theologian. It was providentially used during the First Great Awakening to open the minds and hearts of many to the reality of God’s existence and the fierceness of his coming judgment. With vivid imagery and an unrelenting pressing, Edwards warns of the horrors of hell, prodding his listeners to flee the coming wrath and run to Christ.

This volume also includes another classic Edwards sermon, Love the Sum of All virtue. Both sermons have been updated for modern readers, keeping all of Edwards’ ideas and voice, but presented in a form that today’s readers can easily digest. The low price and accessibility of this book makes it a very good choice, especially for those new to Edwards.

The Excellency of Christ: In the person of Jesus Christ, we observe many excellent qualities coming together. Many of his qualities seem to be very different from one another, such as power and humility, or sovereignty over all things and submission to the Father. This diversity leads to two very different scriptural designations for him: Lion and Lamb. Edwards makes the point that these diverse qualities should move people to admire the Lord Jesus Christ on a high level. He maintains that especially at the cross, we see Christ exhibiting both his powerful lion-like might and his sacrificial lamb-like humility. When people really grasp those diverse qualities coming together at the same time and in such a powerful way, it should engender true, heart-felt worship.

The Excellency of Christ is a masterpiece of biblical exposition, helping people meditate well on all the glory of Jesus. This version is updated to modern English so that readers today can experience the glory of the message without the burden of untangling Edward’s lengthy sentences.

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Contend: A Survey of Christian Apologetics on a High School Level – Training in Christian apologetics is an absolutely necessary and vital part of Christian discipleship. Contend is a compelling volume designed to strengthen the faith of believers while challenging skeptics to reconsider the evidence for the truth of the Christian worldview. Written on a high school level, Contend is perfect for classrooms, small groups, or individual study. Contend was written to fill a need.

As a high school teacher of Christian Apologetics (12th graders), I struggled to find a text written on the level of my students. Most apologetics books are written for college and seminary students, or for adults generally speaking. Contend is my attempt (along with help from my friend Bradley) to provide an introduction to most of the major apologetics arguments in a style that appeals to the average teenager.

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