Drowning Swine

“With Drowning Swine, Jason Dollar has provide the church with an insightful and very practical exposition and application of a difficult text. It presents a clear and balanced approach to the Christian’s warfare against the forces of darkness and the sins of the flesh. Drowning Swine should be read by everyone who cares about spiritual health and holiness.” – Dr. Steven Cowan



What does a herd of drowning pigs have to do with me? More than you might think. It was a clash for the ages when the Son of God confronted a horde of wild demons named Legion. The end result proves that with Christ every power of darkness can be defeated.

Though few Christians would put Mark 5:1-20 on their list of favorite biblical passages, nonetheless, it is filled with mystery, intrigue, and many lessons about the power and glory of Jesus Christ over the demonic forces of evil and darkness that prey on this world.

Do you struggle with dark behaviors like lust, greed, and anger? Whether you study alone or with a group, Drowning Swine will point you to the Word of God for solutions that really work.


  • What is the solution to all the darkness in the world?
  • Why did Jesus allow demons to kill a herd of pigs?
  • If they are unclean, why did God create pigs at all?
  • Do demons still possess people today?
  • Can a genuine Christian be possessed by a demon?
  • What is the best way to cast out a demon?

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  1. Jesus the Missionary
  2. Here Be Demons (and Pigs)
  3. Darkness Is Dark
  4. Among the Tombs Crying Out
  5. Darkness Kills Itself
  6. Who’s the Boss?
  7. Team Affiliation
  8. Naming Your Demons
  9. Fighting Fire with Consuming Fire
  10. Why God Made Pigs
  11. The Idolatry of Economy
  12. Holiness, Sanity, and Missions

Appendix: Synoptic Harmony

From the Introduction

These days some people actually keep pigs in their homes as pets! Given the history of swine, that’s difficult to believe. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not knocking pig-lovers. In fact, one of the major points of this book is that swine have come a long, long way, and it’s all because of Jesus!

I’m glad you’ve decided to read Drowning Swine, and I hope it encourages and challenges you. The key focus of the book is on one particular event from Jesus’ ministry when he came face-to-face with a horde of demons. After casting them out of a miserable man, they entered a nearby herd of swine, which then rushed towards the Sea of Galilee, dropping to their watery deaths…

I can see how someone may find this story a bit off-putting. Indeed, I’ve never heard any Christian say they had memorized this passage in order to nourish their soul. People don’t normally search here for their life verse! Very few would encourage their own hearts towards Christ-likeness by meditating on the request of the demons, “Send us into the pigs; let us enter them!” There are few paintings and even fewer songs (if any) that have inspired believers to holiness through the depiction of swine death. By a wide margin, most believers prefer stories like the birth of Christ, his calming the storm, or his resurrection. Swine death simply doesn’t stimulate the spirit like these other events.

The story is just plain odd to the modern mind. Of course, Christians are people who believe it happened just as the Bible says, because we trust the Bible. But even so, it’s extremely tough to fully grasp what really happened by the Sea of Galilee that day. Furthermore, it is difficult to discover any practical value for our lives from it. Christians typically respond to this story more like, “Wow! Those pigs just drowned! My, my. Okay, moving on!”

But we shouldn’t be too quick to move on. There really is much to learn from this narrative, especially in the realm of spiritual warfare. Yes, even enough to write a whole book about it. In fact, in many cases, passages that are difficult to grasp can be some of the most powerful for our lives, if we are willing to wrestle with them.

So allow your imagination to enter the scene. Hear the thunderous cluds of the pig hoofs as they pound towards the water. See the look on the farmer’s face as he watches his livelihood crash and drown. Notice the man who’d been infested with a legion of demons as he takes his seat at the feet of Jesus, “clothed and in his right mind.” Mostly, see Jesus, the man who brought his eternal light into a land filled with darkness.

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