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“When people laugh at Mickey Mouse, it’s because he’s so human; and that is the secret of his popularity.” — Walt Disney


No More Church Tribes

“The goal of a Christian at church should be to ‘make disciples,’ not make friends. If, while making a disciple, you happen to also make a friend, then what a beautiful by-product. It seems to me that reversing these has created a great deal of distraction from God’s clear directives for his church and quite a bit of unnecessary tension.”

What Happens to a Christian Who Commits Suicide? The Memorial Service for Bill Pomeroy

This is the transcript of a memorial service I preached for my friend Bill Pomeroy.

Glorious Grace by Jonathan Edwards (Updated to Contemporary English)

This message is a powerful celebration of God’s grace and the corresponding joy it brings to the soul of a believer. He shows how each individual part of the gospel is made all the sweeter when considered in relation to the glories of God’s grace.

Jonathan Edwards, the Art of Printing, and the Internet

“I just wonder what Edwards would say if he lived in our day of numerous Bible translations / commentaries / Bible dictionaries / concordances / Greek and Hebrew texts and learning tools / great classics of the Christian faith (like Augustine, Calvin, and Edwards himself) / theological journals / and a ton of other resources — All of them free to access online 24 hours a day, every single day!”

4 Things Money Can’t Buy

“If a billionaire tycoon can buy the presidency (that hasn’t happened yet, but who knows), then money is all one needs to succeed. At least that’s what people often think.”


Why Do Churches Have Cliques

“The real problem occurs when a clique goes bad. It goes bad when people in the group begin to use their clique to harm other people or other groups, or when jealous and suspicious feelings rise to the surface and dominate the group atmosphere. In short, cliques sour when childish drama rears its ugly head.”

Many Mansions

Jonathan Edwards’ passionate sermon updated for today’s readers: “Here in this world, our public houses of worship often fill up very quickly. Sometimes we must endure overcrowding, people stuffed together. Our buildings can feel tight, small, uncomfortable, and inconvenient. But it is never like this in our heavenly Father’s house. There is always extra space in his heavenly temple.”

Drowning Swine

“These days some people actually keep pigs in their homes as pets! Given the history of swine, that’s difficult to believe. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not knocking pig-lovers. In fact, one of the major points of this book is that swine have come a long, long way, and it’s all because of Jesus!”

Darkness Kills Itself

“When a person harbors darkness in his heart, it will eventually lead him to bring about his own destruction. If it doesn’t happen through suicide, then it will happen through a long-term process of destroying his own body (a slow, unintentional suicide, if you will).”

In Defense of Short Term Mission Trips

Blogger Jennifer Miller hates short term mission work, but her reasons for doing so are inadequate.

5 Ways to Love Your Wife

“It takes a tough guy with heart to take this challenge of learning to see and treat your wife like a princess. Wimps and thugs will never do this.”

5 Ways to Love Your Husband

“Men are weird (at least compared to you), and the better you understand their weirdness, the happier your marriage will be. But don’t think of their weirdness as a bad thing.”

Help! My Kid Is a Liar!

“If one kid says, ‘She threw a hairbrush at me,’ and the other kid says, ‘No I didn’t!’ then somebody is lying. It is up to Judge Parent to figure out who is lying and who is not.”

McCalla, AL: Triple Homicide and Luke Bryan Good-Timers

By a huge margin, this article has been viewed more than anything I’ve ever written.

God Talks to His Wife

“Jesus came to earth as incarnate God in order to find, rescue, and love his wife. His wife is made up of all believers, whether still alive on earth or currently present with him in heaven.”

“I Have a Dream” – Review and Comment of MLK’s Most Famous Speech

An analysis and commentary on a masterpiece: “I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.:

A Lesson from Tee-Ball about Following Christ

“On the tee-ball field, you hear this all the time! The coach asks his little guys, ‘Don’t you get it yet? You have to run to first! You have to drop the bat! Do it every time!’ Here, Jesus asks his team, ‘Do you not yet perceive? How is it that you fail to understand that I did not speak about bread?’ All of this is a nice way of saying, “Did you leave your brain at home? Why can’t you get this? This should be obvious to you!”


Reasons We Cancelled the Super Bowl Party

“This is a decision based on the TYPE of organization we are (church), and what our goals are (to make disciples who look up to God, in to the body, and out to the world). I hope you understand.”

Christian Celebrities: Necessary, Dangerous, or Both?

“There are many dangers associated with becoming well-known in the Christian world, but…having some famous Christians is a necessary part of what God is doing in the world. If something is both necessary and dangerous, then obviously we should be extra careful with our understanding of it.”

The Excellency of Christ

Jonathan Edwards’ classic sermon updated for today’s readers: “So we see that Christ is the Lion when it comes to his majesty, and he is the Lamb when it comes to his meekness.”

Show Me Your Glory: The Small Glory of Macchu Picchu and the High Glory of God

“The glory of the place immediately lifted my mood. My brain, no doubt, began properly regulating serotonin and releasing endorphins. Real glory just does this to people. It is the best antidepressant on the market today! But as high as the glory of Macchu Picchu is, it it is relatively small glory compared with the glory of God.”

Disney’s Let It Go: Was Elsa Free?

“The question of ‘right, wrong, and rules,’ is an absolutely crucial question for our children to be able to answer. If they answer wrongly, they will be ‘riding off the rails of the crazy train.’ If they answer rightly, they will be free indeed.”

Peter Gregerson’s Wise and Painful Departure from the Watchtower

“Peter Gregerson, born in 1928, was the oldest child of an ‘anointed witness.’ His father, Harvey Gregerson, was one of the 144,000 of the heavenly class, according to Jehovah’s Witness theology. This was a prestigious position, and one that made young Peter all the more proud to be part of God’s exclusive organization.”

5 Lessons from a Rat in a Trap

“Mr Rat believed housing in my cool, food-filled kitchen would be better than his alternatives. He believed he could avoid the snakes, birds of prey, cats, and other rat dangers he faced outside. He saw my house and believed the grass was greener. Now he is dead.”

Nine Thoughts about the Battle between Law and Grace

“God’s law and God’s grace are not at odds. Why in the world are we debating as though they are? God, grant us the grace to love the law. Command what you will giving us the grace to obey. ”

Fighting the Urge to Be a “Regular Guy”

“Regular Guy Syndrome is a disease to the ministry.”

Goliath (the Roller Coaster) and the Fear of Death

“In Christ we need not fear death. Yes, it is intimidating. Yes, it could be a rough ride. But Christ has assured us victory both through and after our deaths. We can wait in this dreaded line with smiles on our faces. We can even (God grant it) have a sense of excitement and anticipation; after all, to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.”

Is Suicide a Symptom of Disease?

“Sin is the underlying cause of all misbehavior, including suicide. It is not always one’s own innate sin that leads to the symptom of suicide; sometimes it is the sin of others that dramatically affect an individual; or some combination of both. Either way, sin is the underlying cause.”

O Holy Night: A Legendary Christmas Song with a Checkered Past

“So here’s the joke: A Catholic priest, an atheist wine merchant, and a Jewish composer walk into a bar. When they exit, an international Christmas favorite comes into existence.”

Top Resources on Apologetics

Helpful recommendations including both online articles and books.

Top Resources on Marriage

“The following resources can be a tremendous source of help. They offer biblical truth to provide a foundation for marriage, and many practical helps to work on the day-to-day of marriage.”


God Never Promised to Keep any Natural Man from Hell

An excerpt from Jonathan Edwards’ Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God, updated for today’s readers: “Consider also the reality that God has never promised to keep any man (in his natural state) out of hell. Not even for one moment. He has placed himself under no obligation to protect people in this way.”


The Impact of Thinking Evil Thoughts

“Do the (so-called) private thoughts which pass through our minds have any bearing on the nature of our lives? The answer given in the Bible is Yes. In Matthew 9:4 Jesus asks the scribes, “Why do you think evil in your hearts?” He knew that the net result of those thoughts would end in his crucifixion, especially since they were about to accuse him of blaspheme after he forgave the paralytic of his sins.”

Jesus Loves Pharisees (Too)

“Jesus is not full of rage and jealousy against people who are enraged and jealous! He is not snooty to the snooty. In telling the story of the two sons in Luke 15, Jesus is actually holding his welcoming arms out to these religion-centered, duty-bound hypocrites, inviting them to come in the “house,” just like he invites the secular, wicked sinner (the prostitute, the meth addict, the homosexual, the thief, the murderer).”

Finding What Things Mean

“I believe Bible memory can be extraordinary and useful for the Christian walk. But Bible memory only moves the verse inside the mind (and perhaps the heart). This is necessary, but not sufficient. Jesus says, “Go and learn what this means,” not just what it says. Meaning is what we are after when it comes to understanding the Bible. It is not all we are after, but we must have it.

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