Top Resources on Apologetics

Apologetics is the discipline of defending the Christian faith, and is special field of study for me. I am the kind of person who needs apologetics as a constant reminder that the Christian faith is true. In fact, it seems to me that apologetics is at least as helpful for Christians, undergirding our faith in Christ with logical arguments, as it is for an evangelistic tool to convince non-Christians that they should believe.

In this resource page, I have made no distinction between classical and presuppositional apologetics. Anyone seriously interested in this field needs to study and understand both branches.

Apologetics Websites

These websites vary greatly in their positions on many issues and on how they use apologetics arguments. Thus, I cannot endorse everything on every site (since I would have to hold divergent or contrary positions at the same time). But these are the best places online to learn, helping you gain a full understanding of the wide spectrum that is Christian apologetics. All of these sites are stable, full of data, and maintained by people who sincerely believe the Christian worldview is true.

Apologetics Books

Over the past two thousand years there have been thousands of very good books written on apologetics generally or some specific apologetics topic. I obviously cannot list them all. So I’ve included just a few of the ones that I think are very important for anyone seeking to understand apologetics.

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